Hickory Street Cabinets in Troy, Illinois Offers Custom Cabinetry

Beautiful Cabinets

Improve the value of your home and enjoy a wonderful new look with custom cabinetry. Hickory Street Cabinets has been in business for over 30 years. Our family-owned and operated company has a legacy you can trust!

Fully Customizable Cabinets

All the cabinets we offer are fully customizable and you'll have many different styles and sizes to choose from. Our residential cabinetry is ordered in from the top brands, including:

A Huge Selection of Cabinet Samples

Visit our showroom and check out the huge selection of cabinet samples. If necessary, we can also send the samples directly to your home.


Computerized Drawings

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Buy your cabinets from us and we'll provide FREE in-home measuring! Contact us today for a FREE estimate.